3 Position Small-Bore Rifle

NRA 3 Position Small-bore At Hendrick Hudson Fish & Game Club


Equipment & Training

With the completion of our indoor range, Hendrick Hudson Fish & Game Club is happy to announce a new shooting activity. NRA 3 Position Small-bore rifle shooting.

Many individuals become interested in small-bore rifle shooting; however, unless they start off with the proper information, they find it difficult to begin. The cost of equipment is generally a stumbling block. Many feel that unless they have the best of everything they cannot compete. This is not true. Most start with a minimum investment of a .22 caliber rifle (new or used), spotting scope with stand, sling, glove and shooting coat, and most important, eye and ear protection.

Hendrick Hudson Fish & Game Club is extremely fortunate to have several NRA trained rifle instructors willing to help you learn to shoot 3 position small-bore.

When and Where can I get Started

Initial start up is 10/13/19 Sunday at 2pm. New schedule will be posted soon…

Hendrick Hudson’s NRA 3 Position rifle shooting program will be avaliable on 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month from 1:30pm to 4pm, starting  December 2nd 2018 thru April 2019.

To Start you will need a .22 Target type Rifle, Sling and Eye and Ear Protection.

For additional Information and Training, Please contact

Frank Cuttone @ 518-279-1521 or Email fcuttone@gmail.com.