Do not email the club asking about membership!

If you are interested in joining the club, please stop by during our open hours (see home page) and introduce yourself to some members. This is the easiest way to learn about the club and what we have to offer. You will also need to find a sponsor, so this would be a great way to get to know one!

Sponsors – You will need to fill out the Sponsor form which can be picked up at the club

Membership Process

Please visit the club in person to pick up an application!

Complete application

  • Obtain club member as sponsor.
  •  Applicant should make an effort to secure sponsorship from a person who is known by the applicant to be an existing member of Hendrick Hudson Fish and Game.
  • Sponsor must be at Membership Committee and club meeting to represent Nominee, as per CONSTITUTION by-Laws HHF&GC.
    Failure of sponsor to attend either meeting will result in application being held until the next quarter!
  • Submit application with a check for the amount from the following chart.


 March application date: $150.00
 June and September application date; $75.00
 December application date; $150.00

Initiation Fee: $50.00

  • Deliver Check and application in person to the club

Gun Club Rd, Averill Park, NY 12018

  • Membership Committee only meets quarterly in March, June, September, December (when applications are available to act on)
  • Requirements of Membership

Only person of good reputation should apply.
Submit completed application with check.
Attend Membership Committee meeting with sponsor at Club Grounds.
After Membership Committee meeting interview, applicant must leave club grounds.
Membership dues are paid by January 1 of each year, regardless of date of joining.

Types of Membership

  • Social Member. All new members are Social members. Social members can use club facility but cannot vote at monthly meetings
  • Member in Good Standing. Social member can become Member in Good Standing by attending aminimum of 9 meetings per year (at two meeting per month nine meetings per year is not difficult to achieve) or complete 20 hours of “work” at club within each calendar year. Members in Good Standing can vote at monthly meetings.
  • Exempt Member. Member in Good Standing that has reached the age of 70 and completed at least 15 years as a Member in Good Standing.
  • Junior Member. Person under the age of 18 and still in school. Junior Members can only be on club grounds with a member. (Membership annual fee: $1.00, no initiation fee.)