Indoor Pistol will start its season Oct 3rd 2019

Open range time Sunday Mornings 9:00AM to 12:00PM,  $5.00 per half hour.

Centerfire Precision (Bullseye) League

 2019 Fall League – Thursdays, Oct. 3rd thru Nov 21th.

6 Weeks – $50, Centerfire only

First String 5:30pm, Second String 6:15pm, Third String 7:00pm

Fall & Spring leagues require pre-registration.  Please email me with your preferred time slot asap. 8 slots per string/3 Strings. HHFG members have first refusal.

Non-members welcome, Does not require indoor range certification

Contact: Tom Daley, C-518-410-7890

The RSO signup sheet is down stairs,  this is a good way to get your hours.

Note: You MUST be qualified to shoot in the indoor range. 
You may complete the qualification process on Sunday mornings.

Note: If you qualify with a rim fire that is the only pistol you can shoot indoors. If you qualify with a center fire pistol you will be able to shoot both rim and center fire.

Only use .22 to .45 caliber pistols, No mags.

Link To Pistol Activities:

US Action Pistol Shooting


NRA Bullseye Rules