Sporting Clays

Sporting Clays
Al Cole, Sporting Clays Chairman
Every Sunday at 9 am

Hendrick Hudson offers a 13 Station Sporting Clays Course. The course is 100 targets in duration. Since its inception, Ernie Sherman has maintained a high level of quality and challenge in the scenic setting that the Town of Poestenskill offers.

The course starts out at the sporting clays building located on the road to the rifle range. This small building offers warmth in the winter from the wood stove and shelter from the rain in summer as the shooters huddle under the shed roof. When the weather is perfect, the building is an oasis for conversation and renewing of friendships, not to mention the weekly joke of the day from Bill Rohrer.

The squads leave the parking lot and walk (you can use your Clays Car if you wish) to stations 1, 2 and 3 that are grouped together in a wooded clearing. From there the squad moves to “the field” for stations 4, 5, and 6.

The field is an open pasture that has the shooting stations located on the top of a ridge that transverses the pasture. This location gives the target setter an opportunity for long crossers and high incoming targets from the adjacent wooded hillside. After leaving the field the squad will make its way past the rifle range to “the woods”.

Stations 7 thru 10 are located in the pine tree forest. The shooter must either shoot through the trees or among the trees to score hits on these stations.

Leaving the woods takes the squad past the club’s pond where wildlife has taken haven. Ducks and geese can often be seen relaxing on the water while numerous turtles sunbathe on a fallen log that is half covered by the pond water.

The path from the pond will take the squad to “the road” for the final 3 stations. Battue, outgoing and crossing stations and you are done. Nine tenth of a mile, 13 stations, 100 targets, in about two and a one half hours.

You and your family or friends have spent a relaxing, fun and challenging time together enjoying each others company. Start at 9 am done by 11:30 am, or start after breakfast at your favorite diner and end in time to mow the lawn. Come join us on Sunday morning, you will not be disappointed.